30 kinds of wonderful: 27. Wes Anderson.

(Image from here.)

OK, so I’m doing this thing where I’m counting down to my 30th birthday with 30 kinds of wonderful. If you need to catch up, just start here.

Now let’s go!

27. Wes Anderson

Time for another small, random wonderful post.

This one comes simply from the fact that seldom a day goes by that I don’t find something that I can relate back to a Wes Anderson film.

There are all these arbitrary ways of categorising people. Cat people versus dog people. Tea people versus coffee people. Butt men versus boob men. Personally I have no truck with any of them.

However. Wes Anderson people versus non-Wes Anderson people. This I believe in. And if you’re a Wes Anderson person we’re going to get along just fine.

We might share a moment in a trendy Sydney bar over the groover who is wearing a sweat band – Richie Tenanbaum anyone?

Or we might quietly covet Louis Vuitton luggage together – but only this Louis Vuitton luggage…

And we might really really really get off on locked-off camera-from-above shots and try to slip them into our own work.

And we will probably prefer a really good set build to an actual location…

And we will most definitely share in our excitement that a new Wes Anderson film is on its way!

~ by Niccola on February 7, 2012.

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