30 kinds of wonderful: 18. Porcelain.

OK, so I’m doing this thing where I’m counting down to my 30th birthday with 30 kinds of wonderful. If you need to catch up, just start here.
Now let’s go!

18. Porcelain

Oh, I am so excited about this one. After many months, I am finally (well, as of tomorrow) going to be enrolled in a bright shiny new Masters Degree (a Master of Fine Arts). As long-term readers will know, a couple of years ago I enrolled in an M.Art majoring in Sculpture because I had this weird moment of serendipity/kismet/something and just decided one day that I would return to uni.

More on that… it actually happened because I went to the COFA fair one spring and for no apparent reason wandered into the ceramics labs. I smelled the clay, the kilns, that art school smell which you probably know, you just don’t realise you know it. And I had this incredibly strong sense that this was where I wanted to be. So strong that within 24 hours I was signed up for a postgraduate information night.

I call it kismet because it undoubtedly changed my course in life. In starting my sculpture studies it turned out that my first instinct was correct, it really was ceramics I was drawn to. And more specifically, porcelain. Every day, I feel a little surge of joy and hope whenever I think about porcelain.

My decision to change degrees was really motivated by wanting to concentrate very specifically on my particular approach to porcelain (which is so time-consuming that I’ve only created two sculptures thus far). This is a research degree, so it means that I will work towards developing an entire exhibition and accompanying text/catalogue. It is just so wonderful that the facilities and opportunities exist to allow me to do this. And I can’t wait to get started…

I’ve written a lot about porcelain on this blog already. Here, and here, and here, and here, among others. And you can expect a lot more from here. I start in earnest at the end of February!


~ by Niccola on January 23, 2012.

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