30 kinds of wonderful: 15. Ghosts of blogs past.

OK, so I’m doing this thing where I’m counting down to my 30th birthday with 30 kinds of wonderful. If you need to catch up, just start here.
Now let’s go!

15. Ghosts of blogs past

Doing this “30 kinds of wonderful” thing has inspired me to delve back well into the past to dig up some of the bits and bobs you’ve met so far. And in doing so I had a few giggles going through the archives of two of my earlier blogs. It got me thinking that actually, blogging is pretty wonderful. I must remember that, because sometimes it begins to feel like homework and that seems like missing the point, really.

These blogs are weird. Really weird. They make the current me seem a bit of a bore, actually! What is clear is that I had a lot of fun writing them. So if you’re bored (or interested) grab a tea and a biscuit (or three) and head on over there.

vonwoof on blogger

vonwoof on livejournal
(Remember livejournal??? I notice a lot of my images have been lost from here, which saddens me. They’ve gone to the place that lost images go in the sky.)

Now, a final sermon on blogs. I keep on hearing mutterings about how blogs are dead/dying, that they’ve been replaced by micro blogging (meh) or worse, social networking (eep!). Well, all I can say is that I hope not. Blogs are such a wonderful, direct portal into the minds and lives of people. In a world where media is so highly regulated, mass marketed and senselessly sensationalised or re-quoted into obscurity, blogs are little havens of individuality, self expression and personal truth. Content is curated, created, composed and considered, unlike so much of what appears on social networking or micro blogging platforms. I believe that blogs are more relevant every day. So keep blogging, people! And remember to tell your favourite bloggers that you love them, and to keep up the good work!

To be continued tomorrow.


~ by Niccola on January 17, 2012.

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