30 kinds of wonderful: 3. Advertising giggles.

OK, so I’m doing this thing where I’m counting down to my 30th birthday with 30 kinds of wonderful. If you need to catch up, just start here.
Now let’s go!

3. Advertising giggles

I must say that including advertising in my Wonderful list came as somewhat of a surprise to me.

But it’s not really surprising, considering that I’ve spent more time in the company of my advertising compadres than anyone else (beloved design fascist included) in the past nine years.

What does being an advertising art director involve? In truth, a whole lot of run-of-the-mill, churn-and-burn, flysheet-heavy, get-it-out-the-door dross. But the occasional challenge, quirky client comment, and a daily belly laugh with the pod buddies (oh yes, it’s all about the pod buddies) keeps us all coming back for more. Suckerrrrrrs…

As it happens, we throw some pretty wicked parties too.

Like this “Family” tacky dinner, where we all channeled the Godfather and got rowdy in sleepy Catholic Haberfield…

Note the gender imbalance – this was my first creative department and I had a WHALE of a time being the only girl.

Or this very classy “Dead famous” party where I came as Mama Cass (and her fatal ham sandwich). Note the very creepy Queen Mother outfit. I still have nightmares!

And how’s about this fetish-wear-heavy Mardi Gras spectacular? Apparently Bryan’s classy gloves came from his “prop box” (cough cough… ahem!).

Even when we’re working we have some laughs – like this moment where my writer Claire and I were pitch-fatigued and all ready to be taken out with the trash…

Or the hilarious “toilet shoot” where I took the toilet home afterwards and eventually renovated it into our bathroom…

The condom pitch was always bound to get interesting…

And even office Secret Santas could pose a good creative challenge…

So all in all, I think this eternity in advertising definitely falls into the Wonderful category!

To be continued tomorrow.



~ by Niccola on January 5, 2012.

One Response to “30 kinds of wonderful: 3. Advertising giggles.”

  1. Totally agree with the joys of advertising life. As much as we may have some fairly average days, the highs definitely make up for it! Loving the 30 things. K x

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