Stuff and jumble

Beware the gushing torrent of blog posts that threatens to engulf us all!

It’s been too long and I must make amends. So much has happened, and in classic Niccola fashion my response has been to go to ground and say nothing at all. In an attempt to retain some semblance of order I’ll split all the things I’ve been dying to update on into a series of (semi) logical posts.

So firstly, my new study.

You can gather from this that all the real estate dramas eventually resolved themselves, and somewhere amongst the insanity, we moved house. There was the usual excess of IKEA, a thankless task, but essential. Our beautiful apartment had an extravagant amount of storage space, all cunningly hidden behind stunning timber laminated panels. Our new terrace, alas, does not. In the long term the beloved design fascist will weave his magic, but for now, we have solved the problem in a very simple way.

The living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen remain relatively minimal.

And EVERYTHING else resides in my study.

And can I declare, to the world at large, that I love it that way? Hello, STUFF.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Niccola’s stuff and jumble in all its glory.

By the by… do you like my view? It’s not as spectacular as our bedroom one but I’m very fond of that bougainvillea!


~ by Niccola on November 21, 2011.

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