Swings and roundabouts

Another lengthy silence.

Something that I can partially account for with the following list:
1. Changing jobs
2. An avalanche of out of hours work
3. The flu to conquer all flus
4. The chest infection that followed the flu
5. A trip to Hobart

When I read over my last blog post I now get a sense of deep foreboding within it. Did I somehow subconsciously sense that something would go wrong in the drying and firing process?

Well, it did. The end of semester was a bit of train wreck. Probably for a number of different reasons, the sculpture slumped and partially collapsed in the kiln. I can give many, many reasons why this was so. But if I cut through all the “shit happens” points along the way, I’m left with an interesting discovery. If nothing else, I managed to identify the point where a span gets too large to stay structurally sound in the kiln.

As you can see in the process photos below, the sculpture is no longer a perfect sphere, and the two halves didn’t marry up particularly well. It’s a pity that the project was so epic that I only had time in the semester to discover the problem and not to solve it, but that’s the insanity of it.



Am I dissuaded? Not. A. Jot.

So, if that was the swings, here’s the roundabout. On Sunday, as I was faithfully grinding back the glue on my poor imperfect sculpture, I stopped for a minute to check my emails. And there, sitting in my inbox, was an email from the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne telling me that I had just won their Small Works Prize worth $5000! Here is Colony on display on their website

I loved the timing of it. I really needed a sign that it was worth it, and one came. Thank you Brunswick Street Gallery for this vote of confidence! Now I’m plotting a trip to Melbourne to see my sculpture one last time.


~ by Niccola on June 20, 2011.

One Response to “Swings and roundabouts”

  1. Congrats on your roundabout -hang in there on the ride.

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