I must have cut a strange figure

Yes, I must have cut a very strange figure. After my sage fellow ceramics student and I had most cautiously extricated the two halves of my sculpture from their moulds using the hair raising “cake-flip” method (I’ll let you use your imagination as to what that may be) I just stood there stroking my sculpture.

Considering that everyone else in the room was shuddering at the sight of 500(ish) doll heads peering out at them, my reaction seemed especially odd. But mine was a reaction of pure maternal love. Yes, love.

Twelve weeks in the making. Every single head had been painstakingly cast. I knew and loved each and every one. And the sight of all my efforts really almost brought me to tears.

It feels so beautiful – the porcelain is still velvety as it hasn’t yet given up all its moisture. And while it is far from perfect, it has a lovely rhythm to it. It reminds me of the bee hives in old English children’s story books!

With enormous fear and trepidation and a non-denominational prayer or two I slid it on to the kiln shelf. God speed, lovely sculpture! Stand strong in the kiln? Please? I do love you so.


~ by Niccola on May 25, 2011.

One Response to “I must have cut a strange figure”

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