… the Noun Collective opening night was just wonderful. Thanks so much to Manuela, Julie and the folks at Gaffa for arranging it. I feel like a bit of a fool for not taking any photos, but here are a few that were taken by Natasha Hammond, one of the other (very talented) exhibitors.

Now, this is extremely uncharacteristic, but immortalised here is quite possibly the only photo taken of me in the last ten years that corresponds with the way I perceive myself. (Most photos of me make me dry retch – I have a this loopy lopsided double-chinned ruddy “special” face I seem to bring out exclusively for photos – at least, I hope it’s only for photos). For those who don’t know me, I’m the lost looking girl in the maiden braids clutching her white wine.

And there, on the left, is my little sculpture! I’m such a proud mum.

Ooh, I’ve got the warm fuzzies!


~ by Niccola on April 15, 2011.

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