A new show, a new website, a new obsession…

Well, what do you know… I’ve let my posting slip again and now have an excess of stuff to share.

First, a new show. I’m thoroughly delighted to announce that my porcelain creation Colony I is appearing in a group show at Gaffa Gallery called Noun Collective, opening next Thursday April 7, 6pm. The show runs until April 19 so if you’re in Sydney drop by and have a look.

Second, and I must admit that that this is not “new news”, but I have a website. Something that bridges the gap between my hard-assed-advertising-self and my flower-child-Frankie-reading-sculptor persona. I think it’s quite pretty, too.

And thirdly, I have my own pinterest account now, and it’s the greatest frickin’ thing that has ever happened to me (well, ok, maybe family, boyfriend, dog, friends, apartment and bicycle notwithstanding). I am constantly finding and filing stuff, so you’ll be amply rewarded if you drop by from time to time.

I am also having a whale of  a time on my new porcelain project, more on that very soon. Every time I step into the ceramic labs I have a moment of clarity that this is exactly what I want to do with my life, and it’s a good feeling…


~ by Niccola on April 1, 2011.

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