It’s a while since I posted about crochet. I’ve begun to get asked questions about whether I still even do that any more.

Does Niccola still crochet?

Does a fish swim? Does a bird fly?

Yes, I still crochet. Constantly and obsessively. As I mentioned many, many months ago, crochet is the creative girl’s prozac. There is no problem too large, no tragedy too great, no creative problem too unsolvable that it cannot be at the very least tempered by a few comfortable hours of crocheting.

And if I’m addicted to regular crochet, well, granny squares are like crack as far as I’m concerned right now. I blame Frankie Magazine. Last year they put out the most wonderful publication called Spaces. And barely a day goes by that I don’t pick it up, and riffle through, and sigh to myself and nestle more deeply into my creative, eclectic, hand generated alternate universe. I didn’t even have to get past the front cover before I was deeply inspired. There was my next project staring right back at me. An epic, colourful, incredible granny square blanket!

What better way to use up the rainbow of wools lurking in the top of my cupboard?

Here’s the culprit itself! Look at it, so pretty, and with such amazing patterns!

Many shudder when I show them my current obsession (my beloved resident design fascist included) but Niccola will not be deterred!

Stand back! Crochet Demon on the rampage!

~ by Niccola on March 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Grannymania”

  1. You go (crochet) girl. Men schmen – what do they know about anything? He’ll thank you when it’s winter and he wants something to snuggle under. Am loving your grannies – see them and you on the 20th??
    Frannie xxx

  2. […] Grannymania concludes (to the relief of some) for a minute at least. You remember my attack of grannymania? […]

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