While I’m building castles in the air…

I might as well furnish them! With space and budget no object (well, mostly) here goes…

This 1900s ball and claw foot club chair from davidmetnicole is the subject of much debate between my beloved resident design fascist and myself. He hates the use of the 1930s advertising awning, calling it kitsch and overly contrived. It offends his minimalist sensibilities. I  think it’s done with subtlety, creativity and an evident respect for handlettering. And the colour of the typography goes so perfectly with this Hay rug…

And then we’ll need some bookshelves. These little beauties fold like a concertina. They’re just down the hill in Woolloomooloo and taunt me through their shop window at Temperature

And finally a cheap, feel-good thrill (and one I can actually afford!). [Admission: I actually bought this yesterday.]

The very talented letterpress designers at The Hungry Workshop are selling prints to raise money for Queensland Flood Relief and the artworks are just fantastic!

I bought this one by JosephMark. Please pop along and buy one for a worthy cause?

And to finish, perhaps a little bespoke something? I was thinking some laser cut bamboo hand generated type could be fun (although once again the resident design fascist disagrees).

And there you have it. Thanks for visiting… enjoy your imaginary cup of tea!


~ by Niccola on March 8, 2011.

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