Hey, you… get off my cloud…

First, pedantry insists that I acknowledge that the original Rolling Stones lyrics were actually “Hey! You! Get off of my cloud…”. But I’m not American, and that’s not how I think of it.

But back to the point, little lady!

This month (year???) I have been on a cloud. People yell up to me sometimes, and sometimes I glance down to make sure I’m headed in the right direction, but mostly it’s just me on this cloud.

So much for daydreaming lessening with age. For me it’s the opposite. I devoted my twenties to orderly, sophisticated, mature and strategic thinking and now suddenly I’m a year off thirty and I can’t… stop… daydreaming!

What, pray tell, am I daydreaming about? Well…

I’m dreaming of a studio space. With high ceilings, a lot of air, an outside space with a view over the rooftops. Space to think, dream, live, cook, create. Space to have my dog without some yuppy scumbag glowering at me. And time. Time to ride my bike, paint a wall, crochet another blanket (more on that soon), get back into porcelain, read, sleep, swim, live!

I’m dreaming of old leather armchairs, large bookcases, paint splattered floors, typographic wall installations, lawns on rooftops.

What I’m not dreaming about is full-time work. Today I turned an offer down – a very generous offer. Because I’d prefer to gamble on my dream working out for me.

So anyone who intends to preach safety, security, conservatism, the tried and true… get off my cloud! One day I might fall but for now I’m floating, and that’s the way I like it.

So what’s with the marshmallows? I made them at Christmas for my freelance clients, and I thought they deserved a mention! Marshmallows are edible clouds, after all…


~ by Niccola on March 7, 2011.

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