Getting to know myself again…

On Monday, I went for a swim at 11am.

I had no job to go to. No immediate employment on the horizon. Nowhere else I had to be.

So I sat on a sun lounge at the Boy Charlton Pool and just was for a little while. And I had a little revelation. In 7 years of full-time work, I had never had a day like this one. Not once, in 7 years, had I taken a day, to be myself, in my own city. Every other stolen moment, I’d been sick or studying or running errands, and there was always this sense of guilt, or remorse, or shame that there was something more important that I was meant to be doing at that moment.

It was a pretty special moment.

So I’m taking this week for me. I’ve ridden my bike, gone for walks, had the pleasure of cooking myself lunch, and today I went to Sculpture by the Sea. On a weekday! With the school kids! Whee!

I felt like a kid myself.

So here’s another little film. It’s no great piece of art, but it features my new favourite song, “Rock it” by Little Red, and it’s dedicated to all the people out in the sun on a week day, enjoying the world in their own special ways.

By the way – how AWESOME is that sculpture right at the end – the carved Jarrah trunk? It’s by Tony Davis and it’s called “Chimney Totem (Monument to Woodfiring)”. I could have stared at it for hours… I hope someone gives it a wonderful new home!


~ by Niccola on November 9, 2010.

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