Share the good news

I told myself to keep the photos on the memory card. That I wasn’t to touch them until everything else was sorted. I would wait until my uni work was in the kiln, that I’d quit my job, do my portfolio, tie up all my loose ends. And then, and only then, could I look at the photos.

But I couldn’t wait that long.

I went to Europe, and it cemented a whole lot of things in my heart. I uncovered what makes me happy, and what makes me sad, and what makes me “me”. So, I took a lot of photos, thought a lot of thoughts, and returned to Sydney.

And quit my job.

And did my portfolio.

OK, my uni project remains frighteningly, dauntingly incomplete.

But then I felt so happy, and so free, that I edited this little film. The song is by Philadelphia Grand Jury. It’s called “The Good News”. I hope it makes you feel as happy as I do.


~ by Niccola on October 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Share the good news”

  1. Miss Niccola!

    Congratulations on taking your life into your hands, and getting off the treadmill. I’m thrilled to bits for you – and love the film, and the song, and the cat on the bridge. Now get back to the Skulls!
    Fran x

  2. Exceptional post! Just the format of describing the trip blows me away, but you really couldn’t have realised it better, so all props to you and then some.

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