Porcelain dreams

Oh, shame.

Has it really been over a month since I graced this blog with an entry? Not so surprising, I suppose. This always seems to happen when I get stuck into a new project.

Of course, I also had shingles, and then a snow trip, and then the longest flu in creation. But mostly, I haven’t blogged because my head has been filled with porcelain.

Before I get stuck in, here’s a photo of our snowy adventures. Note the lack of snow. My bruises are still present.

But now, porcelain.

Porcelain is temperamental. It is the most brilliant white, but discolours if you so much as wave another variety of clay in its direction. It is as brittle as dry bones until its second firing. But if you manage to coax it through its temperamental early stages, you are rewarded with something strong, potentially translucent and undeniably beautiful. Or so I am told.

My project is currently as fragile as porcelain itself, so I’m not going to write about it. Yet.

But for now, here’s some incredible porcelain/ceramic work being done by others.

Heather Knight is selling these incredible tiles on Etsy. I’m dying to buy a complete set, but won’t be able to afford my own porcelain for the semester if my resolve weakens! Heather Knight’s website is here.

Oh my, Tony Marsh! His perforated vessels are exquisite. I can’t even imagine what goes in to achieving this level of mastery. 25 years ago Tony Marsh completed a three year apprenticeship with Shimaoka pottery in Japan. What precious skills to pick up…

Mary Neeson creates these beautiful lights. They so superbly demonstrate porcelain’s translucent qualities.

I seem to be a bit obsessed with repetitive forms at the moment. A bit? Perhaps a lot.

And bones. I’m obsessed with bones too. But more on that… soon.

Thanks to Pokate for posting up wonderful artists like the ones above. I find your blog an unending source of inspiration. All images are copyright the artists, of course!

~ by Niccola on August 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Porcelain dreams”

  1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! It looks like we have many interests in common in who we like and what inspires us! I’ll be coming back here often – glad you like the artists I post as well. Thanks again!

  2. If you enjoy Heather’s work …check out her new solo exhibition at MudFire Gallery in Atlanta. It’s been posted on-line and can be viewed here:

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