Macarons, Crafternoon, crocheted pizza, and a big tuna for a tiny baby.

Let me tell you why I love being a girl.

1. Baking. And then scoffing the spoils with your girlfriends.
Check out the spread at our latest Crafternoon. Isn’t that spread the ultimate celebration of girlyness? Eat your hearts out, boys… until you learn to embrace craft, this wonderful world is closed to you!

2. Competition madness!
What won’t a girl do for $1000 and a year’s worth of pizza? I’m hoping the sheer craftyness of this Doughboy Art in a Box submission might carry me to victory!

3. The things we do for babies.
When’s the last time you saw a guy sit down and lovingly create something for an unborn child? And what better expression of love and support than to nurture a special project for a special (unborn) someone? I think tradition dictates a blanket or booties, but I thought a large tuna might be more fun.

Yep, being a girl rules. And now we even have our own female PM! Girl power!

~ by Niccola on June 30, 2010.

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