Time flies when you’re having (crafty) fun…

Where oh where has the time gone?

The last time I wrote, I was reeling from my recent trip to the emergency ward. Now, even the scars have almost vanished.

I quite literally crocheted myself to recovery. I was told by the burns unit to keep my fingers moving so they didn’t stiffen up as the wounds healed, and what can be better than crocheting to keep your digits agile?

So… I finished the blanket…

I finally photographed Gunther the grasshopper in his completed form…

I hosted a crafternoon…

And I’m now on to… three pillows (one felted – more on that after this weekend)… one large tuna for a tiny baby named Monty… and a crocheted pizza… (Don’t ask!).

And don’t even get me started on my adventures in bronze casting. That deserves an entry all of its own. Soon, I promise.

Happy times indeed!

~ by Niccola on April 30, 2010.

One Response to “Time flies when you’re having (crafty) fun…”

  1. […] I took them home, and lovingly overstuffed them with two inserts each (!) and introduced them to my Frankly blanket, and now they’re the best of friends. Don’t they look cosy […]

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