The bronze age

OK, as promised, I’m knuckling down and committing to bronze now.

Over the next sixteen weeks I am devoting myself to trawling the internet, the art library and the inside of my own head to discover the most weird and wonderful of bronze creations.

So, first up, Cathy McClure. I discovered her through mocoloco. In her most recent body of work, which she calls “Remains”, Cathy takes mass produced motorised stuffed toys, then strips them down to their plastic cores. She carefully takes them apart, casts their parts in bronze and silver, and then reassembles them with their (working) mechanism still inside. How cool is that?

The end results are skeletal, robotic, zomboid (is that a word?) variations on the original. They wouldn’t feel out of place in a Tim Burton film, or on the pages of a Neil Gaiman comic.

Here are a few to enjoy:



And “pig”

You can check out Cathy McClure’s bio and more of her work on her website.

All images and creations are copyright Cathy McClure. And they’re amazing.


~ by Niccola on March 5, 2010.

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