It’s a (wierd) wonderful world

Today was the first day of the rest of my life.

That’s what I keep telling myself. I believe that if you want something to change in your life, you need to start behaving as though it already has. So, today I started art school. And therefore, today is the day that I became an artist.

Not that the lithe, shiny haired 21 year olds in their ripped jeans and thick black eyeliner seemed to agree with me.

When we went around the class introducing ourselves, all the shiny young things went “Hi, I’m <Trisha> <Alisha> <Kesha> and I’m a <drawing> <print> <sculpture> <photomedia> <geology (!)> major and my focus is sustainability, the environment, movement through space and existentialism”.

And I went “Hi, I’m Niccola and this is my first day at art school. I’m actually an advertising art director.”

*cough* *silence* *ahem*

I think I need to work on my spiel. Maybe, instead of saying I work in advertising next time I should say “Well, for the last six years I’ve been exploring theories of capitalism, mass production, cliche, gender discrimination and the greenwashing of questionable environmental practices in the corporate sector”. And then perhaps Trisha, Alisha or Kesha will nod sagely and invite me to sip a latte with them.

I’ll report back on that one.

Anyway, my first subject is metal casting, more specifically, casting bronze. Which means that this gentle crocheter must don a leather apron, steel cap boots and something called a respirator (?@!?) and embark on the process of creating Real Art. Hem hem!!!

My plan was therefore to wow you with Great Works of Bronze, but alas… I found the work of these wonderful artists on the Brooklyn Art Project blog instead.

Debbie Lawson does magnificently exotic things with floor coverings, like this persian carpet that is literally springing to life, “Oasis”.

And this is wickedly clever, “Tundra”…

There’s a great collection of Debbie Lawson’s works on the Nettie Horn website.

And also, just to prove that I’m not forsaking the softer arts just yet, check out this “Mongolian Knotted Deer” by Elaine Bradford. This really makes me smile.

There’s a beautiful collection of Elaine’s works at Art Palace.

Now, back to bronzes! Concentrate!!!

All photographs are copyright Debbie Lawson & Nettie Horn, and Elaine Bradford & Art Palace.


~ by Niccola on March 3, 2010.

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