The hall of one hundred thousand blooms

Aren’t these the most beautiful roses you’ve ever seen in your life?

I’m bewitched.

For years now, I’ve been telling myself to get off my lazy derriere and go out to Flemington Flower Market in the wee small hours. And for years I’ve been saying “Hmm… maybe next time…”.

Well, as of today I’m a convert. If you’re sad, lonely, uninspired, cynical, or even just plain tired, set your alarm for 5am and go go go go to the flower markets! Go!!!

I challenge you to remain unmoved by the dizzying palette of colours and textures, and untouched by the complex bouquet of a hall of a hundred thousand blooms.

You can see in the last few photos the pretty posies I picked up (which, coincidentally, came to just under $150 including 30m of satin ribbon and a whole pile of florists’ wire – bargain of the decade!).

Check back early next week to see what becomes of them…


~ by Niccola on December 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “The hall of one hundred thousand blooms”

  1. Where was this?
    We had one in Bangalore recently. It was good.

  2. Really great Flowers.. I just love flowers .. :)

  3. Canont believe I used to live virtually just round the corner and never even heard of the Flower Market! Gutted! I’ll have to feast on your gorgeous photos instead. ;)

  4. its too bad we don’t have such a thing as smellavision

  5. The pictures of all of these flowers are just sensational. Amazing job!

  6. lovely!

  7. do you live in paradise? these are gorgeous.

  8. that looks phenomenal! the only place where we can have that – though rather limited amount of flowers – here in Malaysia is in Cameron Highlands. thanks for sharing

  9. I’m not lucky enough to live in the environment for flower festivals. It would be nice to see, but the commute would be days. Haha

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments! It was such a nice surprise when they all came flooding in…

    And of course, thanks to WordPress for the front page mention!

  11. Fantastic roses and super pictures!

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