Alpaca wool – Prozac for crafters?

Do you ever have one of those days where things get so bad you just want to put a blanket over your head and pretend you’re not really there?

Well, I seem to have had about 28 of those days in a row now.

Not being one to dwell (well, too much!), I thought I’d turn this juvenile reaction of mine into something more positive, and literally crochet myself a blanket to hide under.

And let me tell you, I’ve been crocheting like a demon. I’ve already burned my way through 15 beautiful balls of Patons Inca (alpaca wool just makes me happy – it’s Prozac for crafters) and my giant blanket is already one fifth completed!

The really exciting bit is just starting to unfold now… it’s a typographic rug and the message is slowly typing itself out like one of those ancient dot matrix printers.

I won’t ruin the surprise as to what it says… yet.

But I’m sure it’ll become clear over the next few days.

~ by Niccola on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “Alpaca wool – Prozac for crafters?”

  1. I really love that you’re crocheting with typograpy. As a graphic designer and crafter…you’re combining two loves! I learned to crochet as a kid and I wish my skills were enough to pull off a custom pattern like this. Also…I just spent a weekend on an alpaca farm which was a somewhat frightening experience, but the alpaca goods we walked away with (including a fuzzy alpaca fur stuffed alpaca doll) are so soft and and warm!

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