What’s there to do in Adelaide on a public holiday?

Erm… accidently visit a nude beach?


We were attracted by a creepy cave in the cliff face with a wild rocky outcrop that was scarily reminiscent of the cave in the latest Harry Potter film.

Unfortunately there were a few too many pale, tubby, late middle-aged gentlemen in the buff between us and our cave. We admired their bravery though, considering we were in jumpers, leather jackets and skinny jeans. It was COLD.

Even the daisies by the side of the road looked shivery.


You’ll be pleased to hear that I left the sprawling nude man out of shot in this one, instead focusing on the dramatic cliff above him.


We then left at some haste, as I became worried that I would be beaten up for being a pervert, snapping photos willy nilly on a nude beach.


~ by Niccola on October 8, 2009.

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