I was always afraid of balloon animals, now I know why!

Check out these unreal balloon sculptures created by Jason Hackenwerth and written up in the Mail Online.

The sculptures take up to three days to construct, and the artist orders up to 5000 balloons at a time.

Design Boom did a great article on Jason Hackenwerth last year as well…


jason hackenworth 1

Photo is copyright Sean Gilligan BNPS.

First sighted on Craftzine on Facebook.


~ by Niccola on October 1, 2009.

25 Responses to “I was always afraid of balloon animals, now I know why!”

  1. wow

  2. Ick!

  3. Creepy. http://doctorbeatnik.wordpress.com/

  4. Sweet

  5. more pics

  6. Can I just say, “Ewwww!” Looks like something you’d need antibiotics for.

  7. […] of American Samoa  I was always afraid of balloon animals, now I know why! VonWoof – Adventures in Amigurumi  As American as Andy Warhol Studio 360 Blog  Freerunning: Damien Walters is bouncy funny blog […]

  8. […] Bichinhos de balões são fofinhos? Você tem certeza disso? Escultura de Jason Hackenwerth. Photo is copyright Sean Gilligan BNPS E agora? Fonte: https://vonwoof.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/i-was-always-afraid-of-balloon-animals-now-i-know-why/ […]

  9. For some reason I have always hated balloons so this is extra terrifying for me! :)


  10. these are amazing, and so innovative!

  11. yes i a also afraid

  12. Are those legs at the bottom of the balloon sculptures? O.O

  13. Wow that’s really cool. It must take a lot of talent!

  14. Jesus H Christ that’s disturbing.

    You were featured on the front signing in page of WordPress today. That’s how I ended up here. Just so you know. =)

  15. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  16. clearly the creation of some deranged person…
    congrats on being “freshley pressed”!

  17. yikes! I love green, but this is a disturbing green. I think it made my face green too… wow!

  18. aren’t they scared of it bursting on them?!

  19. very nice pics

  20. Hate to say this but that balloon sculpture looks like it’s going to sting me.

  21. 2 word “WOW” and “Yikesssss”

  22. Absolutely great! Never thought something like that was even possible! I’m in awe!

  23. nothing to be afraid of actually. IMHO. nice photo!

  24. Is that a caterpillar? hehe…I love balloon animals. Never had one.

  25. Great article, adding it to my bookmarks!

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