A new life for an old vest

I bought this daggy stripy vest at an op shop on Broadway yesterday. It reminds me of the vests my grandfather used to wear, sitting in a darkened room on a hot summer’s day watching the tennis.


Isn’t it funny how vests have quietly slipped into fashion obscurity? Of course they have brief moments of being vaguely trendy from time to time, but gone are the days when your mum would tell you to go and slip on a vest to keep your chest warm. A lot like singlets – remember when all men wore white cotton singlets under their business shirts? And little girls had their singlets poking out from under their party dresses?

As I picked up the vest, this tie caught my eye. It looked so right with the vest, sitting side-by-side in the op shop, so I thought I’d buy it as well.


You can’t see much in these photos, but it’s a nice bone colour with slim silver threading.


I have big plans for my daggy new friends – they’re set to be reborn as a herd of reindeer. Watch this space…

~ by Niccola on September 29, 2009.

One Response to “A new life for an old vest”

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