When life imitates art – the Sydney dust storm

Well, if I was looking for a sign in the sky, I’ve probably found it.

Sydney Dust Storm_4_sml

This was the sight I awoke to this morning, completely not colour-corrected, photographed from my roof.

Sydney is blanketed in red dust.

Sydney Dust Storm_1_sml

Apparently it was blown in from South Australia by gale force winds last night. Waking up in the red light was like being an extra in a bad science fiction film, like Sydney had transformed into Mars over night. The light had turned yellow by the time I reached the roof.

Sydney Dust Storm_3_smlSydney Dust Storm_4_sml

I was met there by a friendly rainbow lorikeet, who seemed as transfixed by the view as I was.

Sydney Dust Storm_2_sml

After years of playing tricks with light in Photoshop, now light was playing tricks on me.

Nicely timed, as I decided last night that it was time, at long last, to go to art school. I’m enrolling in a Master of Art, majoring in Sculpture, today.

The world will never look the same again, at least to me.


~ by Niccola on September 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “When life imitates art – the Sydney dust storm”

  1. you captured this spectacle so well

  2. wow! congrats on the decision to go to art school. I’ve been saying for about 6 months I want to see red dirt… obviously it heard and paid a visit ;)

  3. You’re brave to go onto the roof with all of that dust around! Actually, it’s the same as walking around at ground level, but the air just looks dustier the higher you go. Lovely photos! I love how you said that your life will never look the same again. See you at art school! :)

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