I’ve been thinking about stuff. Lots of stuff.

I hope that goes some way towards explaining my frequent silences.

This crochet habit is extremely beneficial when it comes to thinking stuff through, and working things out, and possibly inspiring Third-Life Crises (a bit like mid-life crises, only they hit sooner).

I’m getting closer, I think.

I’m not normally into horoscopes, but simply because I felt that something monumental was shifting in my life, I visited my friend Cainer today. And he said that essentially I’ve been in a fog, but everything is going to become a lot clearer right about NOW, that there’ll be big changes afoot,  but that I’ll know that I’m on the right road.

It’s all a bit mysterious, and I’m keeping my embryonic plans under my hat just for now.

By partial way of explanation (or not, as the case may be), here’s a few websites belonging to people who I think have really got it going on… And they’re inspiring me to consider big, big things.

Spike Jonze. You are my god. Seriously.

Terry Border. I only just found you (online that is), but I just love the fact that you’re having so much fun! 

Isabella Rossellini. I bet no-one else ever thought of this!


~ by Niccola on September 21, 2009.

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