Introducing Gunther the Giant Green Grasshopper

Don’t you just love alliteration?

And also a literary pun?* Especially in combination? I know I do!

Perhaps more strangely still, while talking of love, I’ve found myself deeply in love with a grasshopper. Which is a big step for me, as I’m actually quite scared of them most of the time.

People tend to snigger when I tell them that I’m afraid of grasshoppers. But I defy anyone who’s seen a grasshopper up close… REALLY close, close enough to see their Area 51 Alien faces, their vicious oversized jaws, their horrible razor-sharp talons, and close enough to have them leap aggressively into your face… not to scream like a girl and run a mile! (In my case, a pyjama-clad mile, as I had one particularly vicious grasshopper once hunt me down while I slept).

Gunther is much nicer than that, though. The only thing that’s remotely scary about Gunther is that the repositional wire that forms his skeleton contains lead. Which actually IS scary. I try not to think about that too much.

He’s far from done. He has no wings, no back armour, no mandibles, and his legs are hairless, but I figured that it was high time his online friends met him, and that he might serve as some kind of explanation as to why I haven’t updated the blog in a week!

Coincidentally, Walter the Giant Squid LOVES his little green brother. You can see them hanging out at our dining table together.

*Yes – apologies, Mr Gunther Grass. I hope you aren’t too offended by having a grasshopper named after you. Gunther is an extremely literate grasshopper, if that’s any consolation.

~ by Niccola on September 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Introducing Gunther the Giant Green Grasshopper”

  1. Dear Nicci, Love the grasshopper!
    I really enjoyed crocheting at Nat’s party.
    Have a look at my website too!

  2. This is gorgeous!!! I*d love to have that pattern :O)) Greetings, Tracey

    • Hi Tracey,
      I wish I’d written it down, but I crochet all my big creations freehand. Maybe one day I’ll try putting down a pattern?
      In the meantime, Gunther’s now completed, I’m just waiting for a nice sunny day to photograph him. : )

  3. Ohh what a pitty .. , that would be great if you’d write down the pattern *g*
    I can’t wait to see him, now that he’ completed. I’ll have a look at him then :)

  4. Hi,
    Do you have a pattern for Gunther the grasshopper?

    • Hi Kathryn,
      I very sorry but unfortunately I crocheted him freehand. I do however have the original so if you love him enough we could chat about you buying him.
      Thanks so much,

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