Up on the roof with Walter the Giant Squid

Last night at 11:30pm, having worked my way through 60 hours, 1.6 km of grey wool and 1.5kg of polyfill stuffing, I completed Walter the Giant Squid.

We celebrated with a 7:30am photo shoot up on my roof.


Walter looks awesome (if I do say so myself, I’m like a proud new mum), the view’s not bad either, but I look, quite simply, awful!

I didn’t realise that I look this grim by the time it gets round to Thursday morning. OK, it was very bright, so I am squinting, but the ugly weirdness extends far beyond that – it’s like a bizarre crone woman came and inhabited my body for the duration of the shoot. 

I’m sitting here typing wondering if she’s lurking inside me right now. Are people walking by going “AUGH!!!! Squinty crone woman!!! What have you done with Niccola???”. Are they too polite to mention anything? I might have to go to the bathrooms and check in the mirror.

But I digress.

Walter’s HUGE, and really is dominating the apartment now that he has all ten legs. I was asked by one of my less-than-sympathetic workmates what I was planning to actually DO with him now that he’s done?

“No-one’s actually going to BUY him… Not for any decent price anyway… Do you have anyone you can give him away to?”

I briefly envisioned returning Walter to the sea, but in truth I’m just not sure he’ll be accepted by the other Giant Squids. He’s a bit too small and chubby and woolen to command the respect of his fellow squids I imagine. I wouldn’t want him to be bullied.

Then I wondered if he’d make a good wedding present for my sister-in-law to be?

And then I had to admit that my less-than-sympathetic workmate might be right, maybe I AM the only person who actually wants a giant crocheted squid. So Walter can continue to live with me for a while. And then if I can convince someone that he’s actually ART, maybe I can put him in a gallery somewhere.

And now I’m off to work on my Giant Grasshopper, Gunther. Stay tuned!


~ by Niccola on September 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Up on the roof with Walter the Giant Squid”

  1. Hello, Nic! Congrats on finishing Walter T.G.S! He looks great, and gigantic! Is he as tall as you are? Also, how did you keep him clean after dragging him to the beach twice?

    I agree that Walter T.G.S. is art- much akin to Claes Oldenburg’s work!

    And finally, I would like to say to anyone else out there reading my comment: It’s true, Niccola is a very attractive lady, and does not look squinty and grim! Nic, you’re such a cutie- that doesn’t look like you at all in the photos! So strange!

    Love Carla xo

  2. I loooooove your giant squid.

    I need a giant squid in my life.

  3. Walter is brilliance, give him a squeeze for me.

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