Windy wanderings with Walter the Giant Squid

Another windy Saturday, another outing with Walter the Giant Squid.

It was blowing a gale as we set off across the sand at Yarra Bay. Walter flailed his six tentacles and tried to break free, and Lucie the dog ducked and dived in the icy cold waves.

At the first shot, Walter made a run for it, and my shoes were left abandoned in the shifting sand.

I set my jaw and used the tripod to pin down Walter’s thrashing limbs, taking a shot or two at a time before he struggled free once again. Lucie shook her sodden self all over the squid and we sought shelter on the grassy rise while the gale blew itself out.


The sight of Walter stranded in the tough grass reminded me of a comic by pictures for sad children that I was sent by a reader of this blog.

Yarra Bay is like something out of a Jeffery Smart painting. It faces onto a container terminal, and has a rather grim little cemetery sitting behind it in the dense scrubby brush. On warmer days racehorses are brought down to swim in the Bay, but on this wild Saturday no-one was about, except a crocheted giant squid and his entourage.


~ by Niccola on August 31, 2009.

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