Walter the Giant Squid goes to Tamarama

It sounds like the title of some cheesy 1950s hollywood flick, but as we all know, life is stranger than fiction.

And this Sunday, Walter the Giant Squid really did go to Tamarama.

He’s still very much a work in progress (he only has three legs!) but I felt it was high time Walter got his name in lights, so I took him down to Tamarama with a very patient Anna, Kathy and Lucie the dog in tow for his first official photoshoot.

So, how was it? Well, it was wet (particularly when Walter made a bid for freedom and tried to swim out to sea, taking my shoes with him). It was long (I squatted for about 90 minutes shooting right through the sunset). It was messy (Walter then dragged a whole pile of sand and sea water back into our nice clean apartment and then spent the night warming himself in front of the heater). It was embarrassing (a pile of teenagers came and sat on a rock and stared. And stared. And stared.).

And it was totally, completely, and utterly worth it. I think the photos speak for themselves. My beloved Walter, a creature of the deep at last!


~ by Niccola on August 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Walter the Giant Squid goes to Tamarama”

  1. beautiful

  2. Although Walter looks a little perturbed at being stuck high and dry on the rock, he certainly looks at home in the water…hope he had a long shower and hot mug of cocoa when he got home from his winter swim! Congrats on the photos Niccola, they’re lovely (and, in my opinion, well worth the 90-minute squat!)

  3. super

  4. […] yesterday when I posted up the photos of Walter the Giant Squid at Tamarama, I expected thirty or so facebook friends to click across and have a little smile at my handy work. […]

  5. […] already be familiar with Walter the giant squid. You might have read about his (almost) return to the sea at Tamarama. Or his 15 minutes of fame at the MCA… Or his day at Eveleigh Artisans […]

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