What’s that above your desk?

My friend Cat (we know her as Cat the Purple Penguin) has a shelf of very special things. A few months ago, she asked me if I had anything similar. And of course I do! I have a wonderful random assemblage of things around my desk – friendly, interesting things that make me smile when things get stressful. So, with out further ado, here’s what’s above my desk.

My desk_1_sml

OK, first up, there’s my 123Klan bear staring at my pear (the pear is not a permanent fixture, but I’m fond of it as well). To the right of the pear is a small doll’s cowboy hat, which used to belong to Ian the Penguin, before he went off to live with Ian the Human. Behind the cowboy hat are two small monster finger puppets, left over from a photo shoot last year, and my Jesus Action Figure (with unique gliding motion!), who was my Christmas present in last year’s agency Kris Kringle. To the left of Jesus is a little vinyl bear who I rescued from the footpath on Broadway one rainy night, and behind him is Mingus my sock monkey (stitched for me by my talented friend Carla – you know her as Carla the Faun). To the right is an incredibly awesome photo by Gary Bryan that Getty Images printed and framed for me after I won the door prize at an industry inflatable sumo wrestling comp earlier this year.

My desk_2_sml

Then, to the right of the giant cheese is: one miniature disco ball (a souvenir from last year’s Studio 54 christmas party), a tub of thinking putty, a pantone book, Noah my crocheted raccoon and a cool cube angel figurine with my face on it, handcrafted by Ula on a very hung-over work afternoon last Christmas. To Noah’s right is a box of old postcards from my birth, things my mum received or just bought because she loved them. Endlessly interesting.

My desk_3_sml

Then on the wall we have two posters from Frankie Magazine, a few Margaret Tempest illustrations from the box of postcards pictured above, a space invaders screen printed thankyou card from “I like you” in Melbourne, my favourite war-time poster (“When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler! Join a car-sharing club today!”), a yoga timetable, a magnificently snooty escargot illustrated by Cat (aka the purple penguin), an illustration of Bambi being shot, and some prints of photos I took with my Holga in Kyoto two Februaries ago.

My desk_4_sml

And then we have my “Mr Potato Clip” post-it note (don’t ask), two photos of my dog Lucie when she was a teeny tiny puppy with a mohawk, Cat’s “secret cheese deposits of France” postcard (I LOVE this!!!), two business cards from my trip to New York this February, a card of a red-headed women floating with fish that Charlie got me for Christmas, a photo of my fat cat Olivander sitting on a compost bin, a photo of my nephew David when he was a teeny baby, and a photo of my now long gone miniature schnauzers Pelli and Satchmo standing at the top of our old terrace stairs in our Balmain house (sold long ago).

Analyse at will.


~ by Niccola on August 21, 2009.

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