The Knitted Convenience and (quite separately) why I Heart Kmart

Firstly, honestly, I HEART KMART.

I didn’t believe they’d do it, but they called around all their stores and got ten balls of grey knitting wool sent over to me all the way from Merrylands in two days flat! This is Kmart???!!!

Thank you Kmart. Thank you from the depths of my heart. And Walter the Giant Squid thanks you too. Now he can have a face, and eight other limbs. Now he can LIVE!!!

Secondly, if you live in Sydney, have you checked out the Knitted Convenience yet? It’s really awesome, and not just if you’re a crochet bore like me… It’s the brainchild of Sydney Guerilla knitter Denise Litchfield and she’s covered the creepy public toilet at Taylor Square in knitting. Now, having never been brave enough to venture into those toilets for fear of god knows what, I think it’s doubly impressive what Denise has accomplished here.

Here’s some photos snapped yesterday morning on my way to work… I believe she’s done the inside too but thanks to my 9am-6pm lifestyle I just never seem to be round when it’s open. I think I’ll try heading down there this weekend.

Anyway, check it out, it’s pretty cool…


~ by Niccola on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “The Knitted Convenience and (quite separately) why I Heart Kmart”

  1. hey grrl,

    I just found your blog post – and love the photos.

    I was so franticon the day I didnt take as many pics as I had hoped.

    Yeah, I had the coolest asccess to the underparts, which is where we hing out to smoke, chat and get into the spooky grafitti down there. Thanks so much for blogging about it.

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