So, who are you crocheting the giant squid for?

Umm. Me?

I can’t blame Charlie for asking, really. It must be slightly alarming to realise that your sleek, minimalist one-bedroom Potts Point apartment will soon be inhabited by a giant squid roughly the same size as your girlfriend.

He’s got a few week’s grace before Walter the squid is done, I think, because kmart has just run out of grey wool, bless it.

I don’t know how many big projects I need to embark on before I learn to buy all the wool BEFORE the project, not a third of the way in.

But let’s talk about Walter. He’s named after Sir Walter Raleigh. I figured he needed a namesake who was bold, notorious and slightly piratical. He’s not technically as big as a giant squid. Although I’m no expert on these matters, I believe that female giant squids can grow as big as 13m, and our apartment’s just not big enough for that. Walter’s going to be a similar size to a Humboldt Squid (otherwise known as a jumbo flying squid!) on completion, but a lot friendlier. Did you know that Humboldt Squid can change their colour instantly, and also are fearsome creatures, hunting in packs with tentacles covered in sharp teeth and a beak that can tear human flesh? They also have ten limbs – eight “arms” and two “tentacles”. At 4-5 hours per limb (and half a ball of wool) that’s a lot of crocheting!

If all goes to plan (and kmart ever restocks their grey wool – oh please, please do???) Walter will be the first in a series of giant crocheted creations, grouped loosely around the themes of Fear and Fantasy. I’m envisioning an exhibition some time next year where people can cuddle the artworks, and get up close and personal with the things they fear most. Let’s hope that positive visualisation works, because I’m doing a lot of that right now!

Here’s a few photos of Walter in construction – one arm, one tentacle, and the big tube that will sit atop his head. To be continued.


~ by Niccola on August 18, 2009.

One Response to “So, who are you crocheting the giant squid for?”

  1. When are you going to do a giant spider?

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