And now, back to crocheting.

Well, my brief but pleasant post snow trip high has now slipped into the more traditional and infinitely more depressing post snow trip low. I’m sitting here at work going “well, it’s only 6 hours drive to Thredbo and if I go now I’ll be there in time for dinner” and emotionally eating toast cut into tiny slivers because I can’t decide whether I want peanut butter or jam or vegemite or snow or WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, back to crocheting.

Ironically even that is currently challenging as I have two swollen wrists, which I suppose if nothing else provides a nice sort of counterbalance to my swollen knees.

But something that’s making me smile right now is my monster beanies. They’re super cute, and my first creation walked away from my desk and off to Dublin within twenty minutes last week. I have five more beanie pre-orders including one puppy beanie and a toy pig to crochet over the next fortnight so I can’t be too miserable for too long!

The biggest challenge with the baby beanies is finding willing models for them, so I’m incredibly grateful to young Dylan and his amazing parents (who also happen to be two of the most rad skiers I’ve ever met) for letting me publish these photos.

Dylan is an absolutely gorgeous child and we’ll be seeing him at the 2030 winter olympics I’m sure. Watch this space.

The other model is my mum’s old teddy who travelled with her all the way from a DP camp in Germany in 1945 to Australia, then to New Guinea, and then looked after me when I was little too. He’s pretty special, although I’m not sure he does this bright green newborn baby beanie justice as his head is a little too small.

If you’d like to order a Little Monster Beanie you can find them here.

~ by Niccola on August 11, 2009.

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