Snowboard:1 Camera:0

Oh dear. I have an admission to make.

This weekend’s fresh snow at Thredbo was so awesome that my beautiful new camera sat alone and unloved in the apartment while my beloved Arbor snowboard and I played in the snow.

Excusable (though barely) as my snowboard only gets an outing every 6-12 months. Next stop (snow-wise), Japan over Christmas, I hope!

I seem to be slowly shaking off my old nickname of Snowlander (like Zoolander, I used to have troubles turning left) and I’ve graduated from ass-plants to spectacular knee stacks, which strikes me as a step in the right direction (despite the fact that my knees look like red cabbages as a result – gross!). I’m no longer glacially slow either, although still a long way from avalanche quick.

And I’m fresh out of snow metaphors.

A few photos from the trip. A glimpse of a gargoyle as we left Sydney. A spectacular sunset around Goulburn. And a blurred vision of fireworks and skiers forming a river of fire with flares.

~ by Niccola on August 10, 2009.

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