This eager beaver’s off to the snow!

It’s ten minutes until I turn my computer off and set off for three days playing in the snow in Thredbo.

I’ll be taking with me my brand new digital SLR (queue squeals of excitement) so expect photos galore on my return, plus a sneak peek of my new line of baby beanies (here’s a hint – I’m calling them “Little Monster” beanies).

So I’ll leave my blog in the very capable hands of Mr Eager Beaver while I’m away.

And vis a vis yesterday’s post on my creations sometimes turning into little crocheted versions of people I know… could it be that Mr Eager Beaver is, in fact, me?

Toodle pip!

Feeling eager? Check out Mr Eager Beaver here.

~ by Niccola on August 6, 2009.

One Response to “This eager beaver’s off to the snow!”

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