Presley and Cliff – Two Rocking Foxes

One of the pleasures of creating animal friends for people is sneaking in and naming them before their new owners have a chance. Not that I honestly expect the names to stick or anything, but it’s fun for a bit of a laugh.

In a few cases, though, the new owners have stayed true to my original intentions. Rod Stewart the Hedgehog and Engelbert the Lion have never even shortened their names, which is especially cute when you realise that their respective owners are four and two years old.

When my cousin fell in love with Presley the Fox and asked me to make her a bigger version, she was intending to name him something grand and glorious. (He’s now named Brutus Maximus, a big name for a small crocheted fox). Well, I had other ideas. Being Presley’s brother, I figured he needed a historically accurate name (albeit loosely historically accurate) and decided on Cliff, as in Cliff Richard.

Not being much of an expert on daytime soaps, I didn’t realise that there was an another, more recent Cliff in popular culture. Cliff Warner from All My Children. It seems that the name Cliff is now synonymous with trash and lousy acting. Which is a bit unfortunate for my poor little rockstar fox.

Maybe Brutus Maximus is more appropriate after all?

You can buy Presley and Cliff at my etsy shop and rename them anything you want. I’ll try not to judge.


~ by Niccola on July 31, 2009.

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