Can you make me a stink?

My most faithful customer is a workmate of mine who I think of as the Candyman. The Candyman is disruptive, controversial and incredibly hilarious. He dresses like an elf at christmas time and crashes into client meetings pushing a trolley and yelling “Cigarettes!!! Ice cream!!! Chocolate for the ladies!!!! I bring you MARLBORO!!!!”.

In actual fact his trolley is usually carrying dirty dishes, and he’s more likely to pass on air freshener than cigarettes or ice cream, but we love him regardless.

One morning the Candyman bellows across the office at me. “Geppetta!!!” (He calls me Geppetta because it’s the feminine version of Geppetto, the man who created Pinocchio – this is undoubtedly the best nickname I’ve ever had).

“Geppetta!!! Can you make me a stink???”.

As 120 people turned to stare, I puzzled over his request. “Do you mean a skink? Like a lizard? Or a skunk? The stinky one?”. “A stink!!!” the Candyman replies. “A stinky stink!!!”.

“Yes, ok, I can make you a stink”.

And thus Sid Vicious was created. He’s a mighty stinky punk skunk. I’d almost say he’s my favourite of all my creations.

The Candyman became my most faithful customer after that, he’s so far bought his “stink”, a hedgehog, a raccoon, a puppy and an owl.

Thanks Candyman!

I’ll happily make you a stink as well, just visit my etsy store to order your own.


~ by Niccola on July 28, 2009.

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