Afternoon of the Faun

It was only a matter of time, really.

About a month after I embarked on my obsession with Amigurumi, I decided that it was time to enter into a whole new level of kitsch, and to try to crochet a bambi. My dear friend Carla was to be the lucky recipient of my first representation of a cultural icon. She was due for some nasty sounding surgery on her drawing hand (she’s an inspired illustrator) and, with its normal sound logic, my mind went… sore hand = sore leg = fragile leg = bambi.

Still with me?


Wrong. Turns out that all my creations have minds of their own and they don’t appreciate being shoehorned into imitating cultural icons one bit. So, Carla the faun turned out almost completely spherical and with a somewhat spacier expression than her namesake.

She was kind of cute regardless, and arrived with her teensy leg bandaged in time to greet Carla when she returned home from surgery.

Her creation marked the end of my short flirtation with crocheting famous figures.

And Carla’s hand made a full recovery.

You can buy Carla the faun at my etsy store.


~ by Niccola on July 24, 2009.

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