A story about dugongs

There was once a man who really loved dugongs.

He loved them so much that when he visited them at Sydney Aquarium, he brought them a pearl necklace as a gift.

His girlfriend, realising his passion, commissioned a teeny weeny crocheted dugong wearing a pearl necklace as a gift for him. The teeny weeny dugong’s name was Kevin.

The dugong lover adored Kevin so much that he decided to buy Kevin a much bigger brother, who he pre named Wilfred. Wilfred took nearly a month to create, 4 balls of wool, and a big bag of polyfill, but the end result was the chubbiest, cuddliest, most loveable dugong you’ve ever met in your life.

You can buy Kevin and Wilfred here.


~ by Niccola on July 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “A story about dugongs”

  1. very nice photos, keep it up .

  2. Can I order one?? Seriously. Email me at daniotter@gmsil.com PLEASE!!

  3. * daniotter@gmail.com

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